Annie Fowle


Shannannie, annie banannie…?

Favorite stroke


Number of years swimming competitively


Favorite memory of swimming on Mohi’s team

La Jolla of course!

What I like to do when I’m not swimming

Hang out with friends, paint, watch tv

This Mohi teammate makes me laugh the most

Mia Taylor. She just does. I have no explanation.

If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be


My advice to new Monarch teammates

Be yourself! We are all equally weird and are not afraid to show it.

This is on my Bucket List

Going to Bora Bora

My plans for next year

Nursing school at an undetermined college

What Annie’s teammates say about her…

Thanks for being so cheery in the morning practices last year –  Lauren Lajoie

Girl we killed it with 9-5 at La Jolla the others just couldn’t see our potential – Alicia Chapman

You’re such an amazing swimmer and a great captain! I’m gonna miss you so much! – Violet Clyker

Congrats Annie! I can’t believe you’re a senior. I just wanted to say how much I look up to you and have loved getting to be on a team with you. I had so much fun in La Jolla last year and in general you have made me feel so welcomed and part of the team. You’re always so positive and so much fun to be around. I’m going to miss you! – Mia Prater

Thank you so so much for letting me borrow your suit at leagues, you’re a life saver!! – Teah Roberts

One of my favorite memories of Annie is when I was pulling out of a parking spot after a pasta dinner, and as I was driving down the street, this other car started pulling out and almost hit me. When I looked at who the driver was, I saw Annie looking at me, and then she threw up the peace sign and made the funniest face, and now it comes to mind whenever I think of Annie – Carolyn Jewett


You were such an amazing captain and always made practice so fun and we’re going to miss you so much! – Sydney Hillestad

Congrats! It was fun making the synchronized swimming routine with you – Jamie Byther

Annie- you are such an amazing swimmer, captain, and friend. You truly made my experience on the MOHI swimteam so much better. I will never forget all of our fun, funny moments, carpooling in the oob, learning victorious music, spilling crumbs in the front seat of your car, painting records, going to target before states, throw throw burrito, and everything else. You were like my big sister helping me through highschool and I’m so so glad we’re friends. You made such a big impact on the team and I’m going to miss you so much next year when you’re away at college! We HAVE to keep in touch. I love you so much! Thanks for everything you’ve done for me. Sko yotes! – Summers Filion

ANNIE!!! I am so sad that you are leaving this year ): I am going to miss our car rides to school everyday blasting music in the OOBE. You were always so nice to all of us since day one! The Oob-er squad won’t be the same without you): You are such a fun person to be around! You always made the morning car rides so fun, it was something I looked forward to everyday! Good luck in college you are going to KILL it! I hope you keep swimming!! – Sierra Crean

Thank you so much for reaching out to me when I first joined swim! – Ava Berry

Annie always shows up with a smile and it’s always really appreciated. She always pushes me to be my best, even on the days where I don’t want to. She also makes some really good cookies. – Jen Dugdale

Congratulations! You are always so fun to talk to a nd are an amazing captain – Meg Kumar

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