Ellie Kowalski


Elle belle and Tibby

Favorite stroke


Number of years swimming competitively


Favorite memory of swimming on Mohi’s team

Just watching how the team bonds each year and seeing how close everyone’s gotten!

What I like to do when I’m not swimming

Ski, play frisbee, travel with friends

This Mohi teammate makes me laugh the most

Maddie because i never know what she’s gonna say

If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be


My advice to new Monarch teammates

Just go for it and don’t be afraid to totally immerse yourself in the team! Everyone is super nice and welcoming.

This is on my Bucket List

Sky dive, go in a hot air balloon, visit Europe

My plans for next year

Attending college somewhere not in Colorado for either environmental engineering or business

What Ellie’s teammates say about her…

I hated being against you in the dance battle last year cause you are such a good dancer – Lauren Lajoie

You were always so nice and I will miss you – Alicia Chapman

You’re really nice! – Teah Roberts

You are so sweet and kind! Even though I didn’t get to know you super well this year, I got to know that you are funny and a nice person to be around. Keep being awesome dude!!

Ellie’s so kind, and such a good source of positive energy. I loved having her around and will miss her positivity and jokes when she’s gone.

Knows what’s up.

Ellie shows up with a smile on her face every day and is always super speedy – Jen Dugdale


Congrats Ellie! You are such a fun person. I have loved getting to know you the past two seasons.

Congrats! Despite not winning I still think our La Jolla skit was incredible – Jamie Byther

Ellie! You are just the best. I seriously am going to miss you so much when you leave me for college. You are a beast in the pool, a Starbucks master, and most of all an amazing friend. You have inspired me so much and MOHI won’t be the same without you. I love all the memories we made last year, and I’m so glad you introduced me to forehead pics and Victorious. You freaking rock. Congrats on another great season and good luck with everything! – Summers Filion

You’re such a great swimmer and it was so fun to race with you – Ava Berry

Congrats! It was fun making a routine for synchronized swimming with you – Meg Kumar

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