Jaime Zhang



Favorite stroke


Number of years swimming competitively


Favorite memory of swimming on Mohi’s team

Getting burritos after practice, doing normal stuff, driving to school after practice…

What I like to do when I’m not swimming

Listen to music!!!!!!!!!!!

This Mohi teammate makes me laugh the most

Katie Maloney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100% so easy, She is awesome and has the best sweaters and she is a great friend

If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be

My dad’s dumplings or hotpot or…

My advice to new Monarch teammates

Everyone is really nice! Don’t be scared to talk to new people

This is on my Bucket List

Time travel to see Elliott Smith perform live :……) and maybe while I’m there see Fiona Apple

My plans for next year

I don’t know????????????????????????????

What Jaime’s teammates say about her…

U are my inspiration for who I wanna be in life. I wanna not give a shxx anymore like u do so flawlessly – Alicia Chapman

I have never been so scared to be in a car with someone but the music was such a vibe – Lauren Lajoie

You’re really nice and really good at breast! – Teah Roberts

You’re hilarious and very iconic.

Congrats Jamie! You are such a fun person and always know how to make other laugh. In general you have such a fun personality.

Jamie’s so stylish, she always has the best fits and she’s got a great sense of humor and she’s super funny. I can count on her for a good laugh.

Jaime always looks really put together, even if it’s 9:00 at night after practice. – Jen Dugdale

Just cool vibes.

Congrats! It was so fun driving to school with you last year – Jamie Byther

Jaime! You are so amazing, girl! I’m seriously going to miss you so much. I loved all the memories we made last year. You are literally so funny and you’ve introduced me to so many awesome things like Victorious and forehead pics haha. I’m also so glad you decided to join ultimate frisbee because we loved playing with you! You are seriously the sweetest person ever, and you’re also a beast in the pool. I’m sorry I was a sucky little fish this year 🙁 Congrats on another amazing season, and good luck with everything! – Summers Filion

You are always so kind to me! You always make sure to say hi to me which is very nice. You are a very thoughtful and funny person! Congrats on your senior year!! And I wish you good luck to where ever you go next in your life! 

I always love watching you swim even when your cap falls off 😉 – Ava Berry

Congratulations Jaime! You are so fun to be around! – Meg Kumar


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