Katie Maloney


Kate, Katherine, Kate-O, Katopotato

Favorite stroke


Number of years swimming competitively

On and off for 6 years

Favorite memory of swimming on Mohi’s team

La Jolla my junior year was so fun because I made some really good friends on that trip

What I like to do when I’m not swimming

Play violin, work, and hang out with my friends

This Mohi teammate makes me laugh the most

Jaime Zhang! Me and her have such a similar sense of humor and she can make me laugh doing anything

If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be

Pad Thai

My advice to new Monarch teammates

Everyone on Monarch’s swim team is so nice, don’t be afraid to reach out to people and make new friends on the team

This is on my Bucket List

To go to all 50 states

My plans for next year

I’m not sure what college I’ll be attending, but I plan to major in Psychology and possibly take a gap year before university

What Katie’s teammates say about her…

I loved swimming with you last year – Lauren Lajoie 

KATIE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I hope you party it up in Maine and have a blast and a half! – Alicia Chapman

You are hilarious and so much fun and we’ll all miss you so much – Sydney Hillestad

Congrats on making it through high school! Good luck in college!

Congrats Katie! You are so fun to be around and always positive.

You’re amazing!

Katie’s so reliable, and she’s so funny and kind.

Really funny.

Katie always shows up and does her best, which pushes everyone around her to be better – Jen Dugdale

Congrats Katie!

You’re awesome! Congrats on another amazing season in the pool, and I wish you luck with everything you do! – Summers Filion

When I first joined the Monarch swim team you were in my lane… you were always so nice and funny even at 6:30 in the morning. Good luck to where ever you go next!! 

Thanks for being such a good team mate I’m so happy I got to swim with you this season 🙂 – Ava Berry

Congratulations Katie! – Meg Kumar

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