Mia Taylor


Mimi, Micha, Mia Bo Bia, Mom

Favorite stroke

My favorite stroke to swim myself is freestyle, but my favorite stroke to watch OTHER people swim is butterfly

Number of years swimming competitively

8 or 9 years

Favorite memory of swimming on Mohi’s team

My favorite memory is taking a lot of forehead pictures and giving each other funny sharpie tattoos at VMAC last year!

What I like to do when I’m not swimming

I enjoy hiking, skiing, listening to music, spending time with friends, babysitting, hanging out outdoors, and longboarding

This Mohi teammate makes me laugh the most

Maddie Fox makes me laugh the most because we have fun predicting what Coach Molly’s sets will be at practice, and we are both very talented at complaining, so there is never a dull moment

If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be

Pork belly tacos

My advice to new Monarch teammates

I would say to not focus so much on being the best swimmer on the team, or always winning. Instead, focus on building strong relationships with your teammates, getting to know each other, laughing, and having fun at practice and other team events. Don’t make it so that you feel you HAVE to be at swim, make it so that you GET to be at swim, and you WANT to be at swim.

This is on my Bucket List

My main goal is to be a mom. Some other items on my list include doing a semester abroad in college and traveling to Iceland.

My plans for next year

Hopefully next year I will go to college to study Secondary Education and Math, although I have not decided yet what school I will go to.

What Mia’s teammates say about her…

You’re really good at hyping people up!  – Teah Roberts

You’re such a good swimmer and such a loud cheerer – Lauren Lajoie

You are the spirit of our team and I hope someone carries on that legacy – Alicia Chapman

I love how spirited you are! I’m gonna miss the pep on our team ;(

Congrats Mia! You are such a fun person and are always positive. You also always know how to make others laugh and have a good time.

Mia is always there if you need her, and is a really good friend. She always brings everyone together and helps everyone to be their best. – Jen Dugdale

Mia’s crazy, but in a good way, and she’s literally the life of the party. She’s always having a good time, and making everyone laugh. She’s got great dedication and she’s a super talented swimmer.

My favorite memories of you are when you’re decked out in Flyers gear screaming during the meets over the summer.

You always cheer for everyone and have the best team spirit and always brighten everyone’s day! We’ll miss you so much – Sydney Hillestad

Congrats Mia! – Jamie Byther

MiA TaylOr: GIRL. I literally love you so much and I can’t believe you’re leaving me to go to college, it’s literally not fair. You have been such an inspiration to me throughout freshman and sophomore year, and just a really great friend overall. You’re an absolute beast in the pool and idk if you’re going to continue swimming, but if you do, your team will be lucky to have you. I love all the memories we made last year and I’m so sad that this past season was kinda lame. I’m going to miss you so so much next year, and I hope college is great! Congrats on another great season btw! Love ya! – Summers Filion

Mia!!!! you are literally so kind and funny and just overall such a fun person to be around!! You just bring such a fun lifted energy to the team which makes it so fun to be around you! You always have soo much spirit to bring to the meets and are always cheering for everyone. I hope you enjoy where ever your life takes you next! – Sierra Crean

Thanks for being the best big fish and always being the best cheer leader! – Ava Berry

Congrats! I love how you always take the lead and encourage everybody! – Meg Kumar

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